Adele On The New Foo Fighters Album?

We already know there's a bunch of guest vocalists on the new Foo Fighters album, "Concrete And Gold," right?

Well, come September could one of those guests be Adele?

Hmmm...when Dave first offered up talks of guests on the album he mentioned one of the biggest pop superstars in the world. He then revealed that Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men would be on the album as well as The Kills singer Alison Mosshart. With that being said neither of those really fit the bill of that earlier person, right?

You know who does though? Adele. Not only does that description work very well (which has started some rumors since the beginning), but the album is also produced by Adele's producer Greg Kurstin.

Not only that, but when Dave was asked about her being on the album he didn't deny it, instead skirting around the issue altogether. He bypassed the issue by talking about the studios they worked at in LA.

“You might have Shania Twain having a record-release party, or the guy from Deep Purple hanging out with Jason Bonham, or Justin Timberlake would be in for a couple of weeks, or Lady Gaga working with these other cats from Nashville. And every so often we’d be like, ‘Hey, wanna come sing some backing vocals?’ and they’d just f**king do it. It was loose and random: everyone was hanging out, drinking whiskey, having a good time. I never went to college, but it’s what I imagine a dormitory’s like.”


While that's definitely not a's definitely also not a no. 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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