Pete Wentz Squashes Fall Out Boy/Panic! Collaboration Rumors

Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco have always been very close so it wouldn't be a big surprise if the two collaborated for a song, right? 

Well, the rumors have been buzzing for a little while that it would be the case!

See a few months back, FOB posted a video promoting their upcoming album "Mania," which featured Panic's Brendon Urie eating cereal. This led people to wonder if it was more than just a friend helping a friend.

Then the rumors started back up again yesterday when FOB promoted the album again using pictures of the band on Wheaties Cereal boxes. While pretty far fetched, this had fans making the connection and thinking something must be happening!

Look at the theory here:


So, is this really happening?

Definitely doesn't sound like it.

FOB's Pete Wentz sat down for a new interview, where he was asked point blank if there's a Panic! collab coming. His answer?

"No I don't think so, but the door is always open."

Womp. Womp. 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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