Evanescence Prepares For New Album With New Version Of "Bring Me To Life"

This week Evanescence announced they have a new album on the way called "Synthesis!"

Having said that, they certainly didn't forget about the old classics. In fact to celebrate the new album, they've recorded a new version of their biggest hit "Bring Me To Life!"

The song is 15 years old but they brought IT back to life with a really beautiful new orchestral arrangement of the song!

Frontwoman Amy Lee says: 

"'Bring Me To Life' is new to me again after 15 years. It's difficult to explain how good that makes me feel. Having the chance to incorporate things I've heard in my head throughout that long period of time, nuances from the way I sing it live, just pouring the weight and perspective of the life I've lived now back into that root—it's pure satisfaction."

Trust me you're going to want to hear this.

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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