Bastille Gives New Details On Third Album

Though it seems like it hasn't been long since Bastille released their last album "Wild World," a new one is coming!!

Frontman Dan Smith sat down with NME to give a bunch of new details about the album which is "well underway" and will be an "apocalyptic party record."

Here's what the article says:

“We never really stop writing and recording, but I can confirm we spent a lot of this year writing our third album." 

"We wanted to do something that feels a bit different, wanted to take it a step on from our last record and acknowledge that since we released that album the world seems an even more bizarre and tempestuous place.” However, he said the album wouldn’t “necessarily dwell on that,” and would serve as an “apocalyptic party record” instead."

Smith went on to compare the last album, ‘Wild World’, to the Matrix ‘blue pill’, “talking about the world, questioning it, being confused by it.” He added, “We’ve spent the last year singing songs about how abhorrent we find Donald Trump and Theresa May and people who preach hate and bigotry, with a stage production that involves footage of a shadowy politician figure.”

The new album, on the other hand, “is us taking the red pill.” Smith explained that following the shut down of Rock am Ring after a terrorist threat, “it dawned on me that people look to music and art for escapism too, and I wanted to make sure we find the right balance.”

Smith also revealed that the new album would have a slightly retro sound. “We’ve put together a record of middle-of-the-night torch songs with elements of slightly nostalgic rave beats from the Fatboy Slim, Prodigy era.

“It sounds ridiculous but we want to make something that feels concise and short and for the night-time.”

Fans of the Bastille mixtape series, ‘Other People’s Heartache’, will be pleased to hear that a fourth edition will also be released soon. “It’s a bunch of very weird covers, a bunch of new tunes and some surprising collaborations.” You won’t have to wait too long to hear it either: “I can’t tell you what’s on it yet, but it will be out this year, with the album to follow early next year.”

So many great details! I can't wait to hear the end product!

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