What It Means If Music Gives You Goosebumps

Have you ever been listening to music and the song was so good it gave you goosebumps?

It turns out that not everyone has this happen to them! In fact, if it happens to you it says something rare about your brain and your emotions!

A new study was conducted by Harvard student Matthew Sachs who wanted to look into people who get the chills from listening to music!

He took 10 students who said they do get the chills from music and compared their brains against 10 people who said they didn't. From the brain scans they found that the two different types of people actually have different brain structures!

"The people who experienced the reaction tended to have more fibers connecting their auditory cortex and areas associated with emotional processing, meaning the two areas can communicate better."

“The idea being that more fibers and increased efficiency between two regions means that you have more efficient processing between them,” says Neuroscience News

"People who get the chills have an enhanced ability to experience intense emotions. Right now, that’s just applied to music because the study focused on the auditory cortex. But it could be studied in different ways down the line."

I always knew I was a more emotional person, especially when it comes to music!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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