Dave Grohl Reveals Foo Fighters' Proudest Moment

Today sees the release of the new Foo Fighters album "Concrete And Gold!"

At this point in the band's career they've definitely had a whole lot of accomplishments, right? They've sold out HUGE shows, sold millions of copies of albums, and so many other things in their 23 years as a band.

But which of their accomplishments is frontman Dave Grohl most proud of? In a new interview with The New Zealand HeraldGrohl revealed the moment he is most proud of with the band, and it's pretty excellent! What happened? Well, they played a show in 2011 in New Zealand which had the band registering on a seismograph, which is normally triggered by earthquakes!

“We played at some speedway outside of town and the audience was jumping around so much that it triggered the seismograph. We have that seismograph readout of the show on the wall in the studio. I’m probably more proud of that, then anything we’ve ever done."

I mean...that's pretty kickass, right?? 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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