The Most Dangerous Person To Search Online? Avril Lavigne!

Do you like to search a lot online? Wondering what's been going on with Avril Lavigne? Maybe don't search her name! Why? A new study has found that the popstar's name is the MOST dangerous to search online!


Yup! According to Altpress:

"For the last 11 years, the internet security company McAfee has been doing a study to determine the most dangerous celebrities of the year in terms of internet safety, and this year, Lavigne came in at number one.

Apparently, you have about a 14.5% chance of landing on a dangerous website when searching Lavigne's name, and if you really want to destroy your computer and/or credit score, you can add the words "free mp3" to your search to bump those chances up to 22%."

But, why?!?

There's that ongoing rumor that she died years ago and was replaced by an impostor, and she has a new album on the way...but still...I don't understand!

Come on internet...why do you gotta make things so complicated? 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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