Philly's Beloved Tastykake Company Now Making "Kake Chips!"

There's nothing like a good Tastykake cake or pie, right? 

The Philly company has been around forever, but they're now debuting a new kind of snack: kake chips!

No...they're not kale chips (not as healthy), and they're not potato chips...they're crunchier, thinner versions of the Tastykake snacks we love!

"With the launch of Kake Chips, we’re thrilled to introduce our fans nationwide to a completely new and delicious Kake experience,” said Brent Bradshaw, vice president of cake marketing at Flowers Foods, the parent company of Tastykake. “Kake Chips highlight Tastykake’s wide variety of flavors and textures, and the convenient, resealable packaging makes them the ideal treat for on-the-go or at-home snacking.”

The new chips come in two flavors: birthday cake and and salted caramel!

The snacks are currently in stores, so if you see them grab a bag and let me know what you think!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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