Wawa Has Some Of The Cleanest Bathrooms In The Country!

Looking for a place to hit the bathroom while on a road trip that isn't disgusting?

Well, look no further than your local Wawa!

Yup...in addition to having wonderful food, our favorite convenience store is said to have the cleanest bathrooms in the area and the second cleanest in the country!

A bunch of people gathered data about all the gas station bathrooms in the country and ranked them according to cleanliness. I can't imagine that was a very fun process!

Now GasBuddy has compiled that data into a handy chart for you to use when deciding your road trip bathroom stops.

Wawa took the top spot in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida which is all the current states that have Wawa locations. They took second in the country just behind a place called QuickTrip.

Just one more reason to love Wawa!

Take a look at their findings:

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