Little Girl Is Obsessed With Wawa!

We've all been there: we are starving and just so excited to get to a Wawa to pick out our favorite snacks, right?

Well, little Abby takes the love for our favorite convenience store to completely different heights in one of the cutest videos EVER!

I'm not sure if Abby just loves SAYING Wawa or actually going there, but her mom Stephanie put together a video compilation that will melt your hoagie loving heart. The video shows Abby in the back seat of their car literally stopping everything to shout her love for Wawa every time they pass by one of it's locations.

"Abby loves Wawa so much that she points it out every time we drive past one. I started recording it, and the results are far from disappointing," says Stephanie on Facebook.

Now the video has gone viral for very good reason! 

Take a look:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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