Bonnaroo Will Offer Free On-Site Laundry Service This Year

Music festivals are definitely known for giving you less luxuries than you're used to on a regular basis, right? Well, Bonnaroo has plans to make you "rough it" just a little less this year!

The yearly music fest, which takes place in Tennessee in June, will give you the opportunity to wash your clothes on site for free!

Yup! As reported by The Tennessean, This year's festivities include FREE laundry service on the festival grounds. LG is actually constructing a 3,600-square-foot laundry mat and lounge right near the famous arch. This will include 25 washers and driers! You just leave your dirty clothes and come back to pick them up at a given time. You get them back washed, dried, and folded! You can also wait for your clothes while they're being cleaned, as the lounge has A/C, charging stations, etc.

As music festivals (especially Bonnaroo) have become much more popular, this isn't so bad for people who want the experience with a little more of the services they're used to!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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