Personal Data Of Ticketfly Customers Exposed From Hack


Following up on a story from last week, it looks like the Ticketfly hack from last week had some pretty serious results.

In case you missed it last week the popular ticketing site was hacked, leaving users with error messages. This not only stopped users from being able to buy tickets, but of course it hurt sales of band's tours as well.

Now it has been revealed that the hack exposed the information of 26 million users of the site to online hackers.

The website says that “some customer information has been compromised as part of the incident.” This information includes names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. This information is said to have been leaked to an online server by the hacker. Yikes!

It IS said that as of now there has been no credit card info leaked, but the hacker says they will upload MORE info if their ransom demands aren't met.

WOW! This is a pretty serious matter! I hope they find out who did this before they have to meet their demands, and before more personal information is leaked.

As of now, the site is back down and posts an error message encouraging you to use other outlets for upcoming shows. 

I hope this is all resolved sooner than later!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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