Philly's Harry Potter Festival Has To change Name To Exclude Harry Potter

Every year Harry Potter's biggest fans descend upon Philly's Chestnut Hill area to take place in The Harry Potter Festival! 

The weekend event, which is the closest thing most of us will get to attending Hogwarts, will be going through a major name change soon! How so? By getting rid of Harry Potter's name!

What?? Yup, because of Warner Brothers' rights to the main character's name they won't be able to include it anymore!

It's being reported that Warner Brothers recently sent a letter to the Chestnut Hill business district saying that they can no longer "use any names or images associated with Harry Potter."

Oh boy! So while the festival will continue on, it could be very interesting to see just how they do it without including the names of the major players!

So what is the plan with that? “We have had to roll back some of the very Harry Potter specific elements that are copyright controlled by Warner Brothers" says Philip Dawson, the executive director of the Chestnut Hill Business District.

I would think even without the name, with it being as established as it is, they should be just fine!

Read more HERE, and check out a video on the festival itself!

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Cole Selleck

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