Wawa's NEW, Very Colorful, Secret Menu

Starting this week, Wawa is bringing us more "secret" menu items!

In case you missed it, recently Wawa celebrated their birthday by introducing new items to the menu! These birthday themed items could only be found by putting your finger on the little goose at the bottom of the ordering screen!

Well, now there will be new items added to that same menu this week...and they look to be very colorful!

One such item is a rainbow bagel! Remember the rainbow bagels that became popular a few years back from a NYC bakery? Well, now they're coming to Wawa! Also coming to the secret menu: all kinds of lemonades and iced teas in all different colors:

Take a little peek at the new menu items:


Delicious right?? Just make sure you know how to access that secret menu when you go to get these special new items! For a refresher course check out the video:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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