Foster The People Kung Fu Necktie Setlist

Well, it really did happen!

Early last week we got word that Foster The People would be playing TWO sets in Philly last night! Not only would the band be taking the Festival Pier stage to play with Paramore, but they would also be playing a super intimate set much later at Kung Fu Necktie!

And that IS exactly what happened. After a HUGE colorful set at Penn's Landing the band took it all the way back to the beginning for a FREE show at the venue!

While not much video hasn't come out from the show (fans wanted to be in the moment), the setlist from it HAS been posted and it sounds pretty great! Rather than play the BIG hits that they played earlier in the night the band opted to play a 9 song set of a few fan favorites and a bunch of covers!

Were you there?? What was it like? Take a look at a fan posted setlist:

1. Coming Of Age

2. Some Weird Sin (Iggy Pop Cover)

3. Damaged Goods (Gang Of Four Cover)

4. Coffee And TV (Blur Cover)

5. Lounge Act (Nirvana Cover)

6. A Beginner's Guide To Destroying The Moon

7. Transmission (Joy Division Cover)

8. Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)

9. Lotus Eater 

Awesome, right?? Take a look at a clip/pictures from fans at the show.

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