New Facebook Feature Will Help You Avoid Spoilers

Haven't watched that new Game Of Thrones episode or seen that new Marvel movie yet? Afraid of someone ruining it for you? Well, Facebook is looking to help you avoid all those unwanted spoilers with their new Keyword Snooze feature!

It sounds really simple too: you just enter certain titles and words of things you don't want to see pop up to ruin your experience and Facebook will hide them! This way now you'll be spoiler free!

This will also work just to block anything you're tired of seeing like political posts or posts about specific topics/people. I love this idea!

Entertainment Weekly says: All you have to do is find a story with the keyword you’re looking to stop looking at, click the drop-down arrow, click “Snooze keywords in this post,” and then choose from a list of keywords which ones you’d like blocked. Posts from people, pages, or groups containing those keywords will be kept from your feed for 30 days, at which point you could re-Snooze them.

This is a feature not everyone will be able to use right away, but the company will begin testing it in different markets to see the response!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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