Sonnder "Never Want You Back" Video

It's always great when we get new music from one of our favorite local bands, though this release is a little bittersweet!

Through the years Sonnder has been a Philly favorite in the scene, so it's very sad to hear that they're calling it quits. While that is the case, they're not doing so without leaving us a fantastic parting gift in the form of one last new track!

The new song is a breakup anthem called "Never Want You Back," a track that is taking on a double meaning considering the circumstances. 

If you're going to go out you should probably do it on top, right? And, in my opinion, that's exactly what they did. With some really heavy hitters in the business behind it's production, as well as an absolutely catchy chorus, this is one that won't leave your head any time soon.

Frontman Ryan Weidman has left this note to fans regarding the track and the band's history:

"I'm filled with relief and strong sense of gratitude being at this point where a song I never thought would actually see the light of day has been released to the world. This single would have been the first glance at our next record. We worked with producer engineer marc McClusky who has worked with some amazing bands like Weezer, Motion City,  Soundtrack, Bad Religion, Everclear the list goes on and on. After the band decided to part ways the song remained in the can. My longtime friend and collaborator Robby Webb (producer and engineer of Entanglement) really helped me finish the song and pushed me to finish the vocals and put all my feelings into it.  I'm really glad we did it together and achieved something that I'm proud to use as a final chapter. He killed the mix on this song. We also reached out to mastering artist Sarah register who has worked with bands like The Shins and Brand New to really hit it out of the park; I've always been a fan of her work. I'm stoked and humbled to leave the world with this, a true end do something that means so much to me. I would say the song is about 85% autobiographical I've never really put a song out there that was this personal and on the line. I mean to put it simply it's a blunt Break Up Song. It covers the feeling of saying "yeah I don't ever want that person in my life again!" However, of course that's only one blip of the feeling you end up experiencing during a break up. Of course you want them back. Of course you wish it would have worked out for the better. It's just always more interesting to explore the darker side of love when writing I find hahaha. I don't even know how to thank the radio station for everything they've done for my band over the years... all the amazing experiences all the radio play ...all the love and heart forever will sustain. I can't wait to tell people to crank up the radio and jam this song on 104.5! This isn't goodbye forever this is just goodbye for now how long now will be I'm not sure. But my heart has love for all of my ex band members, ex-girlfriend, and anyone who has ever touched the band. I wish them all the best. There is no true hate in this song. Always Love. "

Whatever comes next in the chapter of the various Sonnder members, we wish them the best, and there's no doubt that there's great music to come!

Check out the song with it's accompanying video:

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