Hayley Williams Says To Respect The Opening Bands

Being the band that opens a show isn't always the easiest task. For one, a lot of the audience didn't necessarily pay to see you play AND they're not always familiar with your music.

That being said, you should still go out early and check out the openers, right? I mean, all your favorite bands have been openers in the past and wouldn't be where they are now otherwise! So you should always show respect! They may not end up being your thing, but they're working hard!

It seems that Paramore fans took it too far yelling and shouting at their opener at a show the other night and singer Hayley Williams says it's not okay!

In fact, she said any fan that would do that isn't a fan at all and will be asked to leave. 

Take a look at her statement:


I couldn't agree with her more! In fact, if it wasn't going for going early to a show at the Pontiac Grill in Philly many years ago, I would have missed the opening band at their very first Philly show. That band was Paramore! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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