Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) Scoring New Movie

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is taking his music-making skills to the movies!

It's just been announced, via Entertainment Weekly that the FOB frontman will be scoring a new short movie called "Wonderland," which will be a new modern take on Alice In Wonderland!

The whole project itself seems to have been crowd-funded, imagine the excitement from the filmmaker who got Pat to put his musical mark on the movie!

It's said that the short film will "explore struggles, aggressions and inequality that often happen to women in the entertainment industry. Directed by Jessica Sherif, production on the film is said to begin next month. Yetide Badaki from American Gods is set to star in the main role."

And Yetide is pretty darn pumped that Patrick is on board.


This isn't the first time Stump has worked with movies though! He's previously done music for Gnome Alone, Lego Batman, and upcoming Seth Green film Changeland.

Check out more info on the film:

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