Liam Gallagher Asks Noel To Reunite Oasis

Is it finally time for the Gallagher brothers to break bread and get the band back together? Hmmm...

It appears that Liam Gallagher is itching to reunite Oasis and has reached out with an olive branch to Noel via a Tweet!

While the guys are normally at each other's throats, this message from Liam actually seems like he really wants to do it!

While of course the Tweet starts as an insult to Noel (because it's STILL the Gallaghers), he then urges Noel to reform the band and even offers that drinks are on him! Why does he want it to happen? He just thinks "it's a nice thing to do." I agree!

Check out the tweet which (of course) contains some foul language.


So will this be what we need to finally get the ball rolling, or just another letdown?

Let's not hold our breath until we at least hear what Noel has to say!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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