Metric - "Dressed To Suppress"

More new music from Metric! 

The band has already announced a not-yet titled new album coming September 21st and released new track "Saturday Night," and now we get more!

The band just shared a new song called "Dressed To Suppress" along with an accompanying video. This track definitely has a little heavier vibe than we're used to (at least as of late) with the band and that's totally not a bad thing! 

The video, like the one for "Saturday Night," is shot in black and white in one take. 

Of the track singer Emily Haines says: “Lyrically, the song explores the maze of conflicts we encounter in our attempts at finding and holding onto love; the absurd mating rituals we routinely perform; and the vast divide between the desires our appearances can imply and the way we actually feel inside.”

Check out the song AND video!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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