Is Green Day Doing A "Dookie" Anniversary Tour?

Don't freak out just yet...but it looks like the next time we see Green Day on tour it might be pretty darn special.

While all their tours are great, they seem to be planning something to celebrate one of their most classic albums "Dookie!"

For real!

The other day drummer Tre Cool took to social media to post a new photo of the band. When you click onto the next picture it shows what looks like a setlist which shows the entire tracklist for the 1994 album "Dookie" in order! 

The caption reads:  fun band practice – swipe to see the set list we played today." 

I mean, why else would they be practicing all those songs unless they are planning something around it? 

As it turns out the album was released February 1st, 1994...almost 25 years ago. This means that doing a 25th anniversary tour definitely isn't a crazy thought at all, right? Right? Please let this be right... 

Check out Tre's post!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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