Green Day Has Now Rehearsed The "Insomniac" Album In Full!

After some time off it seems that Green Day is throwing fans for a loop!

Last week drummer Tre Cool took to social media to show that the band had rehearsed their seminal album "Dookie" in full. This led us all to believe that the band would be doing a special tour just in time for the album's 25th anniversary. Makes sense, right? Except now the Green Day plot thickens!

Bassist Mike Dirnt has now posted to his social media a very similar picture of the band, and when you click to the next picture it's ANOTHER setlist. This time it's all the songs from the "Dookie" follow-up album "Insomniac" from 1995...another fan favorite!

LOOK: now what does this mean? No anniversary tour? Or will it be even cooler where depending what date you go to you'll see the band run through different early albums each night? The suspense is killing us! 

I guess keep a watchful eye on Billie Joe Armstrong's Instagram! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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