Pearl Jam Covers The White Stripes Live

Audience at last night's Pearl Jam show were treated to a very special White Stripes cover!

Last night the band played a hometown Seattle show. While Jack White's former band aren't from that area, there is a great reason they chose to do that one. The band did a rendition of 2001 track “We’re Going To Be Friends,”as a tribute to teachers. In fact two of the attendees at the show were teachers of frontman Eddie Vedder's children!

Before playing the song Vedder had this to say:

"There’s one part of the community and one job in particular that deserves so much more notoriety than they receive. There are those who teach our children and teach them well. We’ve had the opportunity, we’re very blessed to have had some teachers that changed our kids’ lives.

I met Kurt Vonnegut years ago in Seattle, and that night when he spoke, he asked everybody in the crowd that had one teacher that completely changed their life and put them on a path that they still follow to this day and they still thought about what that teacher taught ‘em, he asked everybody in the crowd to raise their hand if they had that one teacher. So I’m going to ask you tonight, if you had one teacher that changed your life… see, that’s just about every-fucking-body. That’s how important it is.

And we have two special teachers that my kids brought tonight that I wanted to allow them some notoriety and some applause and some recognition from their fine group of neighbors here in Seattle. And I’d like to play this for them, borrowed from my friend Jack." 

Check out the band then playing the White Stripes cover:

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