Smashing Pumpkins Almost On The Shrek Soundtrack?? Smash Mouth Responds!

The Shrek movie is a pretty classic movie, but almost just as important at the time was it's soundtrack! But here's something you may not have known: the Smashing Pumpkins were almost on it!

In a new interview frontman Billy Corgan has revealed that the band was offered a slot to not only be on the soundtrack with their song "Untitled," but for it to also play during the ending credits of the movie! Wait...what?! We all know that's the part of the movie where Smash Mouth comes in with their cover of "I'm A Believer," right? In fact Smash Mouth's music appears a few times in the movie!

Read exactly what Billy said HERE.

Now Smash Mouth has gotten wind of this, and aren't very happy. In fact, they've taken to their Twitter page to dispute the whole story:


Hmmm...I guess it's one "smash" band's word against the other, although it's really hard to imagine any other song used! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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