Chester Bennington Recorded Unreleased Song With Slash

Though it's been over a year since we lost Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, it's been revealed we haven't heard ALL the songs he's recorded!

In a new interview with VarietySlash revealed that when doing his first solo record he recorded a song for it with Chester that never saw the light of day.

“When I was doing my first solo record, I worked with a lot of different people, some of whom, for whatever reason, didn’t end up on the record. One was with Chester.”

While the song itself is out there, the version done with Chester wasn't released. Instead it was released including another late great musician.

“We did a song and Linkin Park at the time didn’t allow it to happen, so I did it with Lemmy [Kilmister]. The guy who engineered my demos sent it to me and I sent it to Chester’s family. But it was a trip cause the song [called "Doctor Alibi”] really speaks to his state of mind.”

So will we ever get to hear the version done with Chester?

“His family has got it so it would be totally up to them. It was really good. He was awesome. It would be fine with me if they wanted to [r[release]t. Musically it’s basically the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant.”

It would be really cool to eventually hear the version Chester did, right? For now, take a listen to the version that was released with Lemmy!

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