Mandarin Cover Of Coldplay's "Yellow" In "Crazy Rich Asians" Movie

This past weekend saw the release of new movie "Crazy Rich Asians."

If you saw the movie, you may remember that during a very pivotal scene in the end a familiar song played...well, sorta. It was a cover of Coldplay classic "Yellow," done completely in Mandarin.

It turns out this version of the song was recorded especially for the movie, and that the movie's director wrote a lengthy letter to the band to ask for their permission to use it. Right away director Jon M. Chu knew it might cause a problem to use a song with that title given that it's also an ethnic slur for Asian people, but that's why he wanted it, and that's what he explained to the band.

Before his letter, the band actually turned him down and he tried using other songs, but always come back to the classic that made Coldplay a name. 

Take a look at the, now published, letter:

It seems that the letter did the trick, and now the result is the really beautiful cover that ended up in the movie!

Take a listen:

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