"Thriller" No Longer Best-Selling Album Of All-Time

When it comes to selling records it's hard to beat the king of pop Michael Jackson!

In fact, since his death in 2009 his album "Thriller" has been the number one album in the country...until now! 

It was just announced today that, once again, The Eagles have the best-selling album of all-time with the album Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975). They held that title before MJ and now they've taken it back again!

According to the Recording Industry Association of America the Eagles album (which was the first album ever to go platinum), has now gone platinum 38 times! Thriller, however, has gone platinum 33 times. The Eagles also have the number 3 best selling in the US with their studio release "Hotel California," which has gone platinum 26 times! 

Worldwide, however, MJ still takes the top spot with 47 million copies sold.

Eagles frontman Don Henley released this statement about the honor:

“We are grateful for our families, our management, our crew, the people at radio, and, most of all, the loyal fans who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of 46 years. It’s been quite a ride.”

Congrats Eagles! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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