Liam Gallagher Fans Lift Man In Wheelchair At Show During "Wonderwall"

It's funny that Oasis' Liam and Noel Gallagher are so snarky (especially towards each other), because their music has done some incredible things to bring people together!

A great example occurred this week during a Liam show, in which fans lifted a man in a wheelchair so that he could watch the performance of Oasis hit "Wonderwall." 

The story goes that fan Michael Reynolds has been constricted to a wheelchair for five years and was watching the show from the disabled area. He later decided to join the rest of the crowd in the standing section to be with his friends during the sold out show. It was then that one of his friends got the idea to hoist him up, wheelchair and all! 

“Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair. But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it. My mates had the idea of lifting me up. Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it.”

How awesome! Check out some video and a picture:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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