Green Day Rehearsed Yet Another Classic Album

What is going on with the guys of Green Day?! Whatever it is, we're not only here for it...but we're also on the edge of our seats!

In case you haven't been following, the band has been posting to Instagram with pictures of themselves also revealing that they've been rehearsing classic albums of theirs from start to finish.

It started with a post by drummer Tre Cool posted about "Dookie," which led everyone to believe it must be some type of tour for the album's 25th anniversary. 


THEN only a week later bassist Mike Dirnt posted something very similar with the band's 1995 album "Insomniac." 


Then it got a little quiet...until TODAY when Tre Cool went back to HIS Instagram again to show that the band was once again rehearsing a different classic! This time around it goes back even further to 1991's Kerplunk!


So what does all of this mean??? Kerplunk! came out 27 years ago, which isn't really a special anniversary, right?

So will this still be a tour playing classic albums from start to finish? Why hasn't Billie Joe posted anything yet? The suspense is killing us! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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