Paul Meany Of Mutemath Talks Working With Twenty One Pilots

Come October, when we get Twenty One Pilots' new album "Trench," it won't just be Tyler and Josh you hear on the album! 

If you think parts of the songs we've heard so far sound like they're influenced by TOP's friends Mutemath, it's because frontman/keyboardist Paul Meany had a lot to do with them!

Paul recently took to his Instagram to talk a bit about working with the band, as well as how good the songs are that we haven't heard yet!

I can't wait until we get this album in full on October 5th!

Check out Paul's post: 

For the past 9 months, I've had the best seat in the house getting to watch and work along side this maestro. SOOO thrilled to have gotten to collab with Tyler and Josh again and lend the assist for this epic new album. Unforgettable experience! And this really is a remarkable collection of songs y'all. I'm so proud of Tyler and co. for coming through. Also thanks for the kind messages I got on the first four songs for those of you who graciously asserted my involvement. 😂 There's still 10 more breath-takers on the way. The world is in for a treat October 5th! (or whenever it gets leaked) #twentyonepilots // eternal love-:-

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