"Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Movie Coming

90's kids: it's time to freak out...and maybe hide under your bed. 

Remember the old Nickelodeon series "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Well, it's being turned into a movie!

If you thought the series was a little cheesy (which it was...but also for a kid super scary), the movie definitely sounds like it won't be! How so? Well, it's being written by a screenwriter who worked on The Conjuring movies. 

The plot seems pretty much the same as the show: a group of kids called The Midnight Society sits around a campfire to tell scary stories which then play out. The movie will not recycle any of the old stories from the show, but will instead tell all new ones!

Screenwriter Gary Dauberman says:

“It is a completely original story I came up with, but it still has the Midnight Society and it still has the campfire. It’s still a story being told.”

“I think fear is healthy for kids. I don’t think we have to always sand down the edges of things and that’s something I really wanted to do with Are You Afraid of the Dark. I think it is scary and I think kids will be scared watching it at times, and also they’ll laugh at times. I think it’s got a great message."

So when do we get the new movie? It's set for a release date of October 11th, 2019!

In the meantime, let's revisit the old school theme from the show, which always creeped me out! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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