Beastie Boys Respond To Eminem's "Kamikaze" Album Artwork

A few weeks back Eminem released his new surprise album "Kamikaze" as you may have heard! The album definitely has people talking and creating all kinds of controversy, but the first thing that had ME thinking was the album cover! 

Does it look familiar? Of course it does! It looks almost exactly like the album cover for "Licensed To Ill" by The Beastie Boys! Both albums feature the backs of planes with similar colors and similar writing?

So did the surviving members of The Beasties know this was happening? Nope! It's been revealed in a new interview that they found out about it with everyone else!

Speaking with The Strombo Show Mike D says he had no idea!

“I got maybe 10 text messages, 20 text messages, and I’m like, ‘Why do I all of a sudden have like 50 text messages? I better see what’s going on.’ Everybody’s forwarding me the album cover from the Twitter feed or whatever, so that’s how we found out about it.”

“He’s bringing back the diss track. He likes us, I think.”

When asked if it was nice for their record to be remembered, Ad-Rock replied: “Sure. I don’t know him. I’m sure that was nice.”

Check out the covers side by side and listen to the full interview:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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