Lullaby Version Of Blink-182's Bored To Death

God bless the people over at Sparrow Sleeps for taking songs that parents know and love and turning them into lullabies for the children!

Gone are the days that parents have to listen to children's songs, while now they can rock out quietly while still putting their kids to sleep...with their favorite songs!

Now the duo has prepared a full album's worth of material from a trio we know and love. They're turned Blink-182 album "California" into "Cali-Snore-nia" and did lullaby versions of ALL the songs.

Wondering what that sounds like? Well, below is their version of the album's big hit "Bored To Death!"

Want a copy of the whole album, including 17 second song "Built This Pool?" Give it an order HERE!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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