Anberlin Reuniting For A Show!

Well, this is unexpectedly awesome!

Back in 2014 when Anberlin said they were calling it quits (especially based upon interviews done at that time) it really seemed like they wouldn't be getting back together. Never say never though!

YUP...Anberlin took to their social media to announced that they're reuniting for a show! However, before you get super excited, just know that in order to attend it would take a trip to least for now.

The band will be coming back together to play a show at Yuengling Center in Tampa Florida supporting their friends Underoath on the final date of their tour!

How exciting! Not only did Anberlin break the news, but Underoath posted about the news as well.

“We’ve been playing shows in the Tampa area with Anberlin since we were basically kids. We knew them coming back to play this hometown show with us was a big ask—but it just felt right. We have said we couldn’t be more pumped to close out the Erase Me tour with this show in our hometown. But we’ve been proven wrong.”

“All the Anberlin dudes reconnected over this last year, hung on the beach together, and then, when we got asked to play this show with Underoath, in our hometown, the answer was, ‘yeah!,’” Anberlin drummer Nathan Young says. “I mean why wouldn’t we do that?” Life is short and we should almost always say ‘yes’ to rad stuff. Plus, we’ve been homies with Underoath for 15-plus years. [Guitarist] Tim [McTague] is my brother-in-law and we’ve never played a proper show together. It’s just way overdue.”

So what does this mean for the future of the band?? Probably not TOO much...but you never know!

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