9 Year Old's School Paper About His Love For Twenty One Pilots

I don't think I've ever related with a 9 year old quite on this level! Hah!

9 year old Logan was asked to write about his weekend for school, and what did he do? Well, of course he listened to the new Twenty One Pilots album and loved it. He also gave a little back story on TOP to his teacher, in case they weren't familiar. Logan's parent tweeted a picture of his paper saying that Logan's listening party even trumped the family's camping trip!

“The best thing I did this weekend is I got Trench the album,” the 9-year-old writes. “It is by twenty one pilots. If you don’t know who they are, they wrote ‘Stressed Out,’ ‘Ride,’ ‘Heathens’ and more recently ‘Jumpsuit,’ ‘Nico And The Niners,‘ ‘My Blood’ and a lot more songs. The album came with a bandana and a patch since we preordered it. That’s the best thing I did this weekend.”

The paper is seriously adorable. My only issue? That he only got a 9 out 10 instead of a perfect score!

Take a look:

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