The Making Of The New Muse Album Cover...On An iPad!

Muse's new album, "Simulation Theory," is coming November 9th and one of the coolest things about it is the album cover!

It's so shiny and colorful, right?? Well, did you know it was all done with just an iPad? 

Yup....the artwork for the release was done by British artist Kyle Lambert who is known for doing art for TV show Stranger Things, and all kinds of other things.

His newest project is the Muse album cover, and the band has shared a video where he shows us exactly how the album cover came to life through his iPad.

“I was contacted by Muse to create an illustrated album cover for their new studio album, ‘Simulation Theory’. The art combines Matt, Dom and Chris with the characters from their latest music videos, ‘Something Human’, ‘Thought Contagion’, ‘Dig Down’ and ‘The Dark Side’.” 

Don't get it twisted...dude's got major talent and this is not easy. Take a look:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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