AFI - "Get Dark"

Well, here's a big surprise!

Without almost any warning at all (besides a cryptic photo), AFI just surprise released a brand new song called "Get Dark!"

And not to worry: as suspected, frontman Davey Havok is still very much in the band. So why was he cut out of the picture? Because this new song is from the upcoming EP The Missing Man. See what they did there?

The EP is due out December 7th and will feature 5 tracks which also include “Trash Bat”, “Break Angels”, “Back Into the Sun” and “The Missing Man”. 

Of the EP Davey says: “Thanks to the unexpected continuation of ‘The Blood Tour’, we found ourselves inspired to begin writing. It was during this process that The Missing Man was found.”

Of the new track he says: “The song’s themes of deification and deference, self-loathing and vanity, captivation and release, damage and healing, are posed in a subtle invitation to those inherently compelled to accept.”

Take a listen to the new song:

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