Facebook Will Soon Let You Unsend Messages

We've all been there before: you've sent a message to someone and immediately regret it. But what can you do once it's already been sent?

Well, Facebook is looking to change that with a new feature coming that will let you unsend a message!

According to The Verge, FB founder Mark Zuckerberg has already used this technology and it will be coming to all users soon. Back in April the site secretly deleted messages that Mark sent on the app as a measure of security.

“After Sony Pictures’ emails were hacked in 2014 we made a number of changes to protect our executives’ communications,” a Facebook spokesperson says. “These included limiting the retention period for Mark’s messages in Messenger. We did so in full compliance with our legal obligations to preserve messages.”

Now that same feature will be introduced to all users in the near future, with no set date just yet. This will allow you to delete a message up to 10 minutes after it was sent. 10 minutes isn't a super long time but it's long enough to decide whether you really want the message to be seen, right? 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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