Los Unidades AKA Coldplay - "E-Lo"

Well, that escalated quickly!!

Earlier today it was reported that we'd be getting new music from Coldplay today in some way shape or form. Though it was said to be under the name of a new band called Los Unidades, fans were quick to figure out that it was actually Coldplay! 

Now we have proof that it was 100% correct via a new song from said band!

The new track is called  E-Lo, a collaboration with Pharell Williams, and it's unmistakably Coldplay! The the track is from an EP called The Global Citizen EP, out this Friday November 30th. The EP features a few songs by the band with other collaborators. The EP goes along with the Global Citizen Music Festival, which was co-created by frontman Chris Martin. 

So, is this a one time thing from the band under this name or will there be more? 

Take a listen to the track, and check out it's video:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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