Jared Leto Stops 30STM Show To Call Out Security

If you've ever been to a Thirty Seconds To Mars show, you know that frontman Jared Leto likes to invite audience members up onstage near the end for a big party!

It seems that sometimes this causes a little chaos however as people try to run up on the stage. This happened the other night at a show in Sacramento when Leto had to stop the show to call out some people. However it wasn't the fans that Jared was angry at, it was the security who he seemed to think handled things the wrong way.

Video was captured in which Leto says security was "too aggressive." 

“Wait, wait, wait! Security, settle down, security! Turn the lights up, turn the lights up,” you can hear the frontman saying in the video. “You don’t need to take that guy down.”

“You guys are being too aggressive tonight. Do not abuse this guy, OK? Relax. Settle down. Don’t escalate the situation.”

“This is ridiculous. You know, a funny thing that happens… When there’s too many security guys in one building, there’s always problems.”

“Just take care of each other."

Hmmm..according to him there were seven guards on one guy. But do we know what they did for that attention? Do you think Jared is right in telling them to calm down or were they just trying to do their job? Check out the video, via TMZ.

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