The Killers Back In The Studio?

Last year The Killers brought us their latest album "Wonderful Wonderful," but will 2019 maybe bring us a new album? It seems like it!

While details are VERY vague, it does look like the band is back in the studio! How so? Well, they posted a picture of frontman Brandon Flowers in a studio behind a mixing desk with a keyboard.

I mean call me crazy, but wouldn't that be a good indication that the band would be working on new material?

This does make sense based upon things that drummer Ronnie Vannucci said to NME not too long ago when asked if we'd have to wait another 5 years between albums:

“No, I doubt that. We’re already thinking about bringing our recording rigs with us and we’ve been messing around backstage with ideas. It’s in our minds and I think we want to get to it right away.

“I don’t want to take anymore time and I think we’re ready.”

Sure looks like it!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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