SNL Had An Entire Sketch About Weezer

Did you watch Saturday Night Live last night? If not, you missed an entire sketch about Weezer that is a must for fans!


Yup, they did an entire sketch where last night's host Matt Damon was all of us Weezer fans defending their music, and it's actually perfect.

We've all been in an argument where someone who hasn't listened to anything after "Pinkerton" says the rest of their stuff isn't good, right? That's exactly what happens over a Christmas dinner in the sketch where Matt (wearing glasses just like frontman Rivers Cuomo) goes head to head with cast member Leslie Jones. 

If you've ever been there defending Weezer to the end you can relate with Damon and will be rolling on the floor from this!

“Why don’t you grow the hell up and listen to Ratitude and Pacific Daydream… You just don’t understand what Rivers is going through right now,” is just one of the GOLD lines in this.

Check it out:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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