Brendon Urie Shares Metal Song He's Been Teasing

A few weeks back Panic! At The Disco mastermind Brendon Urie said he'd love to do a metal project. In fact, he said that he recorded a metal cover of one of the band's older tracks called "The Calendar" that he hoped to share at some point soon.

Well, Brendon does not lie...and now we have that metal track for you!

The other night Urie was live on his Twitch stream playing Fortnite, when he shared the clip which he says was made in 2010.

Urie even threw in some dance moves to go along with the track on his stream! Hah!

Not sure if this is the only time we will get this style of song from him or not, but take a listen in this clip from the stream:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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