Dave Grohl Dressed As Satan Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live

Did you catch Jimmy Kimmel Live last night?? If so, you may have recognized a familiar face!

Yup, Jimmy did a sketch about a controversial holiday-themed statue being displayed at the state capital in Springfield, Illinois called the “Snaketivity,” which is on loan from the Satanic Temple of Chicago. They're letting the statue stay up because of the first amendment, but religious leaders are very upset about it. Because of this, Kimmel decided to go right to the most powerful source: God. 

In this case, God was played by legendary comedian Billy Crystal! However they also decided to look at the other side as well and talk to Satan who was fantastically played by everyone's favorite rocker Mr. Dave Grohl!

Hah! The Foo Fighter frontman is really good at this, isn't he?

Check out the video:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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