Pete Wentz Reflects On Fall Out Boy Christmas Track

When many of us talk about Christmas classics we think of ones like "Let It Snow," "Jingle Bells" and "The Little Drummer Boy." When pop punk kids think of Christmas classics, they think of Fall Out Boy's "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out."

This was actually one of the first FOB songs I fell in love with upon it's release in 2002, along with the band's debut album.

So many years later, it's still such a great song around this time, and one you'll hear often on this station for the holiday season.

Now so many years later, FOB's Pete Wentz is reflecting on the track and how his opinions differ from those when the song was recorded.

Talking with NoiseyPete has revealed where the track came from. He says it was originally written for the band to play a show at The Metro.

The song is pretty bitter about the holidays, but he says his opinion on that has certainly changed.

“Maybe that was a bit overdramatic. I don’t think it was awful. I think monotonous would be a better word. I think when you are a punk rock kid in the suburbs, the holidays represent the biggest version of the monoculture. How could you not take a shot at it?”

Now as a father of two he feels very differently:

“Now I get to be Santa, which gives you a whole other perspective. I think trying to make sure it’s fun and you are creating traditions for your kids without going full Elf on the Shelf dad has been the mission for me.”

Make sure to belt this one out at least a few more times in the next week: 

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