Nirvana Suing Marc Jacobs For Teeshirt Design

We've all seen the iconic logo that NIrvana has used since near the beginning right? It features the yellow smiley face with the Xed out eyes. Well, now the band is taking legal action against designer Marc Jacobs for a new shirt design that is ripping it off!

As part of Jacobs' new line being called “Bootleg Redux Grunge," he uses basically the same smiley face on a shirt using an "M" and a "J" instead of the "X"s, and it says "Heaven" in the exact same font as the band uses.

Apparently Nirvana has had a trademark on the face logo since 1992, which definitely gives them a great case here!

There's no mistaking what was used as inspiration, but without permission they really shouldn't have!

Take a look:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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