Eddie Vedder Is In Ellen's New Stand-Up Special

With Pearl Jam not touring at the moment, what is frontman Eddie Vedder up to? What if I told you he's appearing in Ellen DeGeneres' new stand-up special?

For real!

While Vedder isn't doing any stand-up himself it's definitely him in Ellen's new special "Relatable" made for Netflix!

I was watching the new special the other night when at a few times they showed an audience member laughing that looked really familiar! My exact response: "Wait...was that...Eddie Vedder?"

And it turns out, after then looking it up, it turns out it was! Eddie was in the audience with his wife Jill sitting next to actress Laura Dern!

While Ellen even makes mention of Dern being there, she never actually mentions Vedder's appearance...but it's absolutely him!

Take a look:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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