Switchfoot- "All I Need"

In just a few short weeks (January 18th), we get new album "Native Tongue" from Switchfoot! 

Ahead of it's release the brand has brought us a new track AND video!

The video shows the band performing, but in a very unique way with a cool story line. The message here? There's a lot of beauty in things that seem broken to others!

Frontman Jon Foreman says:

"Not every day is filled with hope. On my darker days, I read about the latest atrocity and I have a hard time believing in goodness. But then I look up at the stars or into my infant son's eyes, and I'm reminded of a much larger story than myself. I'm reminded of how small I am, and how even my own perspective is limited."

Love that. Take a look at the video:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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