Blink-182 Inspired "Dude Ranch" Dressing

Back in 1997 Blink-182 released their album "Dude Ranch." I'm sure that when coming up for the album's title they never thought it would inspire a vegan salad dressing. Having said that, that's exactly what has happened!

Two students from California have collaborated on the project that's called none other than Dude Ranch Dressing, which debuts this week!

“We tried to make it as Earth-friendly as possible and as healthy as we possibly could, and get all the ingredients while still maintaining the taste,” Megan Hullander says. “We started out making recipes that we found, and then just replaced ingredients to use ones that were either more sustainable, or added things we thought would be good for flavor.”

“It’s pretty packed with flavor but it’s not overwhelming,” Simmons said. “So it’s a really good balance between this crazy flavor, (but) you can enjoy carrots, or pita bread, or whatever you want to put your ranch on, and it doesn’t take away from the flavor of the food.”

“We’re more focused on bettering not just the environment, but people in general, and making people laugh. It’s a little bit more of a passion project, and just two well-intentioned kids trying to have a good time.”

Love that! We need to get Blink to try it to get their stamp of approval!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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